We offer a suite of services to meet the needs of modern marketers

Our global products and services ensure consistency and quality of output

Core services


Our network offers a range of full funnel services from insight to implementation.

Communications Planning

We deliver full funnel communication planning allowing our clients’ budgets to punch above their weight and maximise ROI.

Media Planning & Buying

Our media plans are developed and negotiated with a client’s best interests in mind, not influenced by agency share deals.

Martech & Adtech evaluation & implementation

We are technology & data agnostic guiding our clients to partner with the best solutions to meet their needs.

Data consultancy & analytics

We unlock the potential for our clients’ first-party data in a privacy-first era to turn consumers into customers through the power of media.

E-commerce consultancy & activation

We help our clients to maximise revenue through end-to-end marketplace and e-commerce solutions.

Performance Marketing

We activate transformational digital performance campaigns that deliver a business advantage to our clients.

Social Media

We build connections with online audiences through an understanding of social behaviours, communities and cultures.


We build integrated audience-first search, content & user experiences to maximise clients website traffic.

Influencer Marketing

We have built the world’s largest influencer marketing platform to help creators, brands and social platforms drive growth together.

Measurement & Evaluation

We use the latest analytics & dashboards to measure, evaluate & report client’s activity enabling better decision making.

Customer Insight

We utilise best-in-class research technology that makes it easier and faster to unlock actionable human insights for our clients.

International Partnerships & Activation

We leverage global vendor, publisher & tech partnerships to provide clients with innovation & cross-market efficiencies.

Cutting-edge products


Our services are enabled and supported by core products and processes that ensure a consistent delivery of work around the world



Our end-to-end planning approach

Compass is our globally consistent end-to-end planning framework designed to create compelling experiences. It provides a common approach built around media best practice, supported by key planning tools and enriched by data.

Workflow management

Our global data & reporting platform

MMT is Local Planet’s all-encompassing data and workflow management platform. It enables clients to view and manage campaigns in real time via an integrated cloud-based campaign and workflow solution. The built in media mix modelling capability includes attribution, prediction & budget allocation recommendations which enables clients to forecast performance and optimise media plans.

Analytics & Modelling

Our approach to advanced analytics & modelling

We leverage a combination of media-, audience-, and third-party data to ensure our clients' long-term strategic and short-term campaign goals are met. Our team of data scientists perform extensive analysis, using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and statistical methods to drive business growth for clients. By establishing a comprehensive measurement framework we offer a clear view into which media investments are most effective and how budgets can be most efficiently allocated to achieve maximum business impact.


Our data-led audience platform

blu. powers our understanding of who people are, what they do, and why. This omni-solution end-to-end solution is our source for strategy, planning, activation, measurement, and optimization.


Our solution for the post-Cookie world

4D is Local Planet’s revolutionary contextual targeting tool that drives business performance by reaching relevant audiences though the use of keywords and topics without third-party cookies. It combines programmatic targeting with advanced AI and machine learning to create real-time insights and recommendations that are accurate, actionable and scalable. When applied to a campaign we see an average uplift of 20% in performance.

Insight Engine

Our research platform rapidly identifies human insights

Local Planet's Insight Engine is our bespoke research platform that provides clients with quality human insights at pace. Insight Engine helps to inform better decision making when developing strategy, assessing sentiment towards brands and validating the impact of marketing activity. It also provides a robust platform for both viewing, manipulating and presenting research data. This helps uncover insights and cascade them across a client’s businesses.

Specialist services

Our network has deep expertise and best in class capabilities in key specialist areas.

Local Planet Digital – powered by Making Science – is a global network of digital experts who orchestrate the leading adtech and martech platforms to accelerate the best business outcomes.
Our best-in-class Performance Marketing teams drive transformational growth by amplifying brands to audiences on their digital customer journeys, accounting for who and – uniquely – where they are.
We provide a variety of products and services that plug gaps in other agency offerings. Local Planet Data offers compelling data and post-Cookie solutions that future-proof our clients’ businesses and help drive growth.
We work closely with clients to ensure their brands build sustainable, profitable relationships with Amazon and other digital marketplaces. We employ genuine experts and specialists, people who can add real value to our clients’ business helping brands grow within current markets as well as expanding internationally.
Local Planet Influencer is powered by the world’s leading full-service influencer marketing platform with access to over 100 million influencers from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. With our unique data-led systems, we ensure optimum performance results both locally and globally.

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