Diversity & Inclusion Charter

As a global network we are diverse by nature with employees, clients and partners from across the globe. We believe that diversity and inclusion are essential not only for the success of our business but also for the wellbeing of our employees.  We comply with all relevant legislation in each market we operate in and, beyond that, we have core principles that we adhere to.


Our core principles:


Everyone is welcome, everyone is included.

We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive workplace culture where everyone feels comfortable and included, fostering creativity, innovation and productivity. We are advocates for open and honest communication, encouraging employees to express their ideas, concerns, and feedback in a safe and respectful environment.

We value and respect all employees, clients, and stakeholders, regardless of their background, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age or abilities. We love to celebrate our employees’ birthdays, as well as key cultural events and traditions throughout the year.


Collaboration is a strength.

Strong collaboration and teamwork is pivotal to our success. We foster collaboration and knowledge sharing through our network initiative, Project Love, which helps us to:

Stay connected – We have initiatives and processes to help stay connected at an agency-to-agency level to create new opportunities for all of us individually and as a network.

Inspire and grow – We boost the exchange of knowledge to enhance agency capabilities and our service portfolio and to inspire each other to keep growing and become better.

Strengthen – We maintain the strength of the bond between the Local Planet agencies, our network brand to better leverage our scale.

We also hold regular in-person workshops with and without our clients to ensure our employees across the network have the opportunity to network, collaborate and get to know their colleagues in the flesh.


Transparency builds trust.

We hold ourselves accountable for fostering a diverse and inclusive culture, regularly evaluating our policies and practices, and taking action to address any gaps or issues. Being open and transparent about business practices, policies, and financials builds trust with stakeholders. Transparency creates an environment of honesty and fosters trust in the company.