South America


Local Planet Argentina is powered by Ignis Media. Ignis build brands in an imaginative, challenging, and different way together with a long-term vision. We are the only Argentinean media agency that fuses independence with international experience. We offer 360 media and communications solutions that are 100% adapted to our clients. We are a TOP 5 agency according to COMVERGENCE, RECMA, and SCOPEN. We have been recognized by GPTW as among the best places to work in Argentina. With more than 18 years in the local and regional market, we are a full-service independent media agency that believes people make a difference. We believe in encouraging and endorsing the professional and human development of our members and in creating a stimulating work environment for our teammates and our clients.


Local Planet Bolivia & Ecuador is powered by Publitrade. Publitrade are a young media agency that was founded in Bolivia a little over a year ago. Focused on serving private and medium size clients, we work hard to understand specific needs and focus on strategy and service, making a relationship that extends far beyond the project. We are part of Media Group, Local Media Club.


Local Planet Central America is powered by CREACION SA. At CREACION SA, we strive for constant growth with our unbreakable spirit and positive mindset. We have 40 years’ experience and over 200 collaborators through Central America: Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama.
There are four main pillars to our practice:
DATA – where we gather and analyse information about user behaviour.
INSIGHT – where we transform our data into knowledge.
CONNECTION – where our business and people bring the ideas to life.
And lastly, EXPERIENCES – where our ‘people-first’ mindset is activated through strategies focused on connecting people and users.


Local Planet Chile is powered by Origen Cominicaciones. Origen Cominicaciones. is a team of professionals with significant experience in leading companies and advertising agencies. We work with both large and medium-sized clients efficiently and effectively.
We do things differently, priding ourselves on our personal approach. We deliver a quality service to our clients – meeting their needs by combining attention to detail with grounded objectives.
For us, the prize is client satisfaction.


Local Planet Columbia is powered by Servi Medios. Servi Medios are Colombia´s oldest media agency, founded in 1979. We think media companies need to treat clients as friends, we need to be responsible and accountable. Our team is young and dynamic, we are always ready for any challenge. We tailor our planning carefully, we begin with our research department who analyse the target market and competitors, from there, all our media planning strategy begins meaning no two campaigns are alike.


Local Planet Cuba is powered by EBM. Established in 2004, EBM is a marketing and communication agency which develops comprehensive 360 services in the Cuban market. We have a team of Cuban and Spanish professionals with over 20 years’ experience in advertising and the specificities of the Caribbean island.
Begun in Spain, EBM has always had the vocation of a purely Cuban local agency with an international vision. Alongside our wide range of services, we are particularly proud of our approach to the development of organic reach in social media accounts. Additionally, our work with marketing and communication strategies, campaign creativity and audiovisual content production sets us apart.


Local Planet Mexico is powered by Effective Media. Effective Media was founded in 2011 as a consultancy in strategy and negotiations. We are now the fastest growing Media Agency in Mexico for the past 5 years.
We are experts in understanding the technological revolution and its effects on the media landscape. Our well researched methodologies and processes are at the heart of our credentials. But the pillars that support our day-to-day work are: common sense thinking, objective judgment and maximum simplicity. Transparency is part of our business DNA. Our talent and passion are recognized by our clients and high scores with media auditors reinforce our credibility. All of this combines to deliver efficiency and effectiveness for our clients.


Local Planet Peru is powered by Reset. The first media boutique in Peru, Reset was born 9 years ago as an evolutionary model in the media service. Our business is based on an understanding of the target group which transcends traditional demographic definitions. We participate strategically throughout the campaign, from the beginning, to the moment of execution. Utilising 360° media plans is central to our practice; we use all media (off and on line) worked by the same executive, instead of a team fragmented into several specialists. Our entrepreneurial culture allows us to reset the status quo, working with clients as partners to create campaigns truly bespoke to their individual needs.
Fundamentally, we believe that our integrated teams, fully involved in the whole process and looking for efficiency at every step, determine the success of a client’s goals.


Local Planet Puerto Rico is powered by Media Management. Established in 1991 as the first Media Agency in Puerto Rico; we have no vested interest other than the success of our clients’ business. We pride ourselves on our level of service which is unparalleled in the market. No other agency in Puerto Rico has two senior leaders like we do: María Cristina Hermida (President) and Osvaldo Ramos (General Manager) each have over 30 years’ experience in strategic media planning and more hands-on experience than just about anyone in the Puerto Rican market


Local Planet Brazil is powered by Abille. Since 1999 we have been dedicated to building strong brands, telling powerful stories and creating experiences to connect people. As branding experts, we create, promote and boost, developing smart communication strategies and effective creative design that stands out.
We offer customized solutions tailored to the needs of each client including strategy, creativity, production and activation of brands, products or services.
We have an agile, collaborative and flexible team to develop innovative ideas. We are passionate about our work and have the tools and experience needed to tell your story. Together we can achieve expressive and sustainable business results.

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