Western Europe


Local Planet Austria is powered by Media 1. Media 1, the “brand media agency”, is the only independent media agency with a top 10 position in Austria’s billings ranking. Based in Vienna and sister agency of Austria’s biggest creative agency DMB., we offer our clients a wide range of state-of-the-art services and tools.
We offer experienced client service teams, digital, data and content capabilities and tools, bespoke research tools and services and, last but not least, a strong independent opinion on brands and media in the local Austrian market.
Our unique approach, called “Brand Magnetism”, fuelled by an unrivalled research tool, which connects brand strategy, creative strategy and media strategy, delivers the route for best in class comms strategy and campaigns.


Local Planet Belgium is powered by RCA. At RCA we work by bringing people together at one table; our partners and our clients. We have over 80 professionals in our team: old dogs and new puppies, combined in small expert teams. This makes us flexible and keeps us on top of things, yet always within the strong fundamentals of a large agency.
Our mantra is: we create impact. We reach success with a sober approach, depth of understanding and client relevance – all whilst keeping our feet on the ground. Determined, we won’t stop until we have found the perfect solution for every project.
At RCA we make the work do the work, both for our clients and ourselves. Our bar is consistently set high, and we love inspiring and being inspired. By working together and doing the right thing every day, we become the best we can be.


Local Planet France is powered by CoSpirit. Founded in 1994, the CoSpirit Groupe is a pioneering independent marketing & media agency. We specialise in optimising local and national marketing campaigns and media. Since launching, we have consistently upheld and promoted our entrepreneurial spirit.
At Cospirit, we pride ourselves on a 360° understanding of our clients and their needs, complete with fully integrated services on all aspects of media strategy. Our affinity with retail culture makes us the first media agency to focus on local issues for our clients. This expertise has been pushed further in recent years to encompass audience diversities, brand differences and media specificities.
We are proud to have won three consecutive efficiency awards for three retailers. We have also been awarded the “Data Innovation” award with Carrefour, and “Best mobile-to-store activation 2020" for Conforama, partnering with Waze.


Local Planet Germany is powered by pilot. Pilot is an independent agency group founded in 1999 in response to a media and advertising landscape undergoing fundamental changes. We realise state-of-the-art communication for the digital age and ensure perfect interaction between traditional and digital media. Our mission statement: collaboration drives impact.
We are made up of 450 media professionals, creative minds, technology specialists and researchers. Our team works closely together and conducts innovative campaigns for renowned national and international brands.


Local Planet Ireland is powered by Javelin. Founded in 1986, Javelin is an independent, creatively driven, integrated, full-service communications group. We create, construct and enhance relationships between companies and their customers. Our focus is to build unique brands. We begin with innovative ideas and believe the key to delivering successful strategies is through media neutrality. We action this thinking across all channels with a balanced combination of intelligence, flair and real partnership.


Local Planet Italy is powered by Media Italia. Media Italia was founded in 1982 as the very first independent media agency in Italy. We are the media arm of the Armando Testa Group – the largest and best in class full-service advertising agency in the world. We have an entrepreneurial approach, with relationship building crucial to our DNA. We base our client partnerships on excellent day-by-day results, mutual transparency and trust. We are specialists in all media, with a strong digital competence which ensures that we integrate offline with online in our planning. We continually develop our people’s knowledge in order to provide our clients with the best strategy and planning and to keep up the pace with a rapidly evolving media scene


Local Planet Netherlands is powered by Abovo Media. Abovo Media is the challenger in the Dutch market and a company built on entrepreneurship. We love to book results because we believe that’s what media is for. We are determined and driven, consistently rising to the next challenge. Data-driven and fact-based strategy is what we are known for.
We help clients to digitalize their strategies and are specialized in devolving strategies over multiple channels. ‘All business is local’ is one of the foundations of our business plan. We demonstrate this through specialised knowledge about the differences in the Dutch market and consumer behaviour. All our campaigns are managed in-house and we have direct access to the Dutch digital infrastructure so we can secure full transparency in digital media spending. If we were to summarise our philosophy in a proverb, it would be ‘alone you go faster, together you achieve more’.


Local Planet Nordics is powered by Tre Kronor Media. Tre Kronor Media was founded in 2007 as a new kind of media agency with 100% focus on our customers' business, results and ROI.
Today we are a one stop shop, a 360-service agency within media planning & buying, digital expertise, insight and strategy. Our partnership with Making Science strengthens our service offer by adding a full range of digital capabilities.
We have been awarded Media Agency of the Year nine times and are certified as a Great Place to Work.


Local Planet Portugal is powered by Nova Expressão. Nova Expressão is the leading Independent Portuguese media agency. Founded in 1992, we have grown into a major player in the Portuguese media and advertising landscape, well respected both by clients and the industry. We base our solutions on customer service, innovation and creativity. We ensure all communication processes directly through us or our network of agencies from different creative and technological fields. We are successful in our strategic vision by combining relevant touchpoints, data and insights along with suitable tools.
One of the first Portuguese agencies to develop its digital expertise, our agency Nova Expressão is now outstanding in its field, with strong investments in social media platforms, programmatic and local digital media. With a team of 35 people, our billings in 2021 were close to 35 million euros.


Local Planet Spain is powered by Infinity. Infinity is the fastest growing independent media agency in Spain. We pride ourselves on employing a diverse team of professionals from very varied backgrounds. Our aim is to gather the best knowledge, insights and innovation and to discard old practices, considered to be obsolete and inefficient. Ensuring the most competitive buying rates and full transparency for clients is important to us – this is verified through the audits of many existing clients.
This year ‘&Beyond Group’ has been created. This includes five areas of expertise: Infinity Media and Veritas Media (media), Surface (digital media), Socialmood (social content and inbound marketing) and Bedrock (data ecosystems). At Infinity we also specialise in real-time, data-driven ad-technology, driving ROI optimisation. For example: HyperformTV® (optimsation of TV campaigns delivering digital response), HyperformBrand® (real time tracking of brand image) or ASK (real time market research).


Local Planet Spain is powered by Equmedia. Equmedia is Spain’s leading media agency, founded in 1989 by the North American advertising and communication group – Leo Burnett. We are a full-service communication agency known for our extensive knowledge of the consumer and our superior offering of both integrated and full communication solutions to our clients. To serve is our mantra and agility in our methodology is our guiding principle. We pride ourselves on our expertise in providing ad-hoc solutions to each client and project. By managing all areas of service that an agency provides, from research to creative and beyond, means we are better able to develop and implement integrated actions beyond that of traditional media by implementing a point of view based on multidisciplinary digital expertise.
To track and measure every action is our obsession; we utilize all market source tools and we develop our own solutions if no tools are available in the market.


Local Planet UK is powered by the7stars. We are the UK’s most successful and largest independent media agency. We plan and buy campaigns across all media channels for a number of challenging, inspirational and extraordinary advertisers. We started life as a brand new start-up in 2005. Our reasons then were our reasons now, we believe that media is too important to be commoditised by big buying networks. Our core beliefs are: great service starts with the best people – the best rates come without compromise – great planning looks forward, not back – the best campaigns start with smart insights. Business success for our clients depends on us delivering all of these elements honestly, transparently and with integrity.


Local Planet UK is powered by Bountiful Cow. Bountiful Cow are a media agency that does things differently to the rest of the herd. We’re a challenger business for challenger businesses of all shapes and sizes. The one thing that unites all our clients is their ambition. Like us, they know they need to behave differently, challenge convention, and punch way above their weight to achieve business growth. We approach all of our work with three simple principles. 1. ‘No sacred cows’ – we challenge received wisdom and lazy thinking and foster a culture of constant re-evaluation. 2. ‘Don’t follow the herd’ – we start everything by looking at what the competition are doing and then doing the opposite. 3. 'No bull’ – our attitude informs everything from our total commitment to transparency to the open conversations we have with our clients. We work with a range of businesses at different stages in their growth journey, all of them are united by their ambition to do things differently.


Local Planet UK is powered by Goodstuff. Goodstuff was the brainchild of Virgin and we’ve gone on to become the fastest growing agency and most awarded Campaign Media agency in the UK. Our mission is to be ‘The World’s Most Inventive Media Agency’. We focus on media strategy and creativity offering ambitious clients inventive digitally driven solutions. Media and Some is our promise to challenge, collaborate and go further, pushing the boundaries of media invention. We will always do what is brave, good and right over what’s expected, adequate or easy.

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